Amazon Webstore

Shortly after graduating from WWU I joined as a Marketing Coordinator for their SAAS eCommerce platform, Amazon Webstore. I joined senior marketing manager, John Marini, on the demand generation marketing team coordinating various marketing activities online to drive leads and webstore platform adoption.

Experience Gained

● Designed, built and scheduled lead generation & email automation campaigns focusing on customer acquisition and retention using Marketo.

● Managed the end-to-end creation of eEvents (webinars), which generated 1000+ incremental leads over 9-months.

● Maintained weekly dashboard on lead generation KPIs: merging data from Salesforce, Marketo and internal systems.

● Trafficked and managed display advertising assets across multiple vendors and placements including Google Adwords & Bing Advertising networks.

● Coordinated trade show event project plans including print and display collateral, event booths as well as importing and de-duplicating trade show leads.

● Managed freelance team of designers for the creation of web, display, email and print assets to support demand generation activities.

● In charge of designing, building (html/css) and scheduling monthly Amazon Webstore newsletter focusing on new product feature adoption.

● Created ad-hoc analysis on email performance metrics resulting in an email performance dashboard: optimized send-time increasing open rates by 50%.

● Managed all social outreach and communication – Sell More blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Work Examples

The images below are examples of emails that I built using HTML/CSS and scheduled using the Marketo marketing automation platform.

Product Marketing

This email was focused on highlighting the key features and benefits of the Amazon Webstore selling platform. This specific email featured a product marketing video call-to-action and Amazon Webstore feature call outs throughout. Using HTML and inline CSS (emails only) I built out and structured this email that was compatible across the most common email clients – outlook, gmail, yahoo etc.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 11.03.47

Monthly Newsletters

This is a portion of the Amazon Webstore monthly newsletter – communicating with existing platform users new features, updates and helpful tips to grow their business online. Each month I would work with internal product teams and external contract designers to coordinate and source the necessary visual assets and product information needed for each newsletter email.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 10.49.21

Webinar Marketing

This email was built to drive webinar signups for online sellers who were interested in using micro sites and flash sales to drive growth – both existing and prospective users. Through the use of webinar marketing I was able to drive approximately 500 webinar signups, many of which eventually turned into marketing qualified leads. This webinar email campaign also included a signup confirmation and event reminder which was triggered based on user behavior fields such as “signed up”, “did not click”, “clicked but did not sign up” etc.

Additionally, I also managed the technical facilitation of the live webinar using GoToMeeting webinar platform.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 11.23.35

Screenshot 2014-11-04 11.23.25

Trade Show / Conference Event Marketing

This is an example from an Amazon Services executive event invite at the Catalyst annual conference. This email was sent to prospects that we knew were going to be attending the conference.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 13.55.08