Search Engine Optimization – Mostly commonly refereed to as “organic search”, is the process of affecting your appearance and visibility in non-paid search results. Appearing and ranking well in search results when prospective customers search for information (keywords) associated with your brand, product or service offering is how many of today’s businesses are built online. Seriously though.

With Google alone having 1.2+ trillion searches annually (growing too) and eCommerce said to capture roughly 11% of total us retail sales by 2018 – there’s no question that consumer buying behavior HAS changed. Many and today’s consumers and businesses are the most comfortable they’ve ever been purchasing products and services online.

The real question is though – can & will they find you..?


My Approach

Is simple, yet strategic.

In-depth research > Building your foundation > Optimizing your website > Creating Quality Signals


Measurement > Learnings > Iterations



Keyword Research

Keyword research acts as the foundation for any search marketing strategy. What are your customers searching for online? What are new customers searching for online? At what volume are they searching? In what locations are they searching from? With the proper keyword research we can answer these questions.

With a proven track record for optimizing web pages in search results, I’ll conduct in-depth keyword research – helping to identify new keyword opportunities that will assist in the visibility of your brand in search results, drive quality traffic to your website and create new customers for your business.


On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization referrers to the technical factors throughout your website that allow search engines to crawl, index and rank your web pages. Such on-page factors include – page titles, meta descriptions, <h1>’s, on-page copy, site architecture, links, available resources and user experience considerations.

Once our keyword research foundation is set, I’ll work with your team (or do it myself) to help implement on-page optimization recommendations to help search engines retrieve and rank your websites pages in search results.


Mobile Search

Mobile search optimization is the process of ensuring your website is visible and friendly to users using a mobile device. Google treats mobile vs. desktop search results differently, therefore it’s highly recommended you approach your mobile experience separately as well.

I’ll help define the proper mobile strategy and work with you to implement these recommendations.

I’ll look into things like:

  • Page speed
  • Mobile UI/UX considerations
  • Device detection / dynamic serving
  • The blocking of CSS, javascript, images etc.
  • rel=”canonicals”
  • Social factors
  • Mobile web analytics & measurement


Local Search

Local SEO is focused on providing organic search results to users based on their geographic location when searching online. For example – if you search for “best sushi restaurant” on google right now, the results will be sushi restaurants closest to your current location.

Many factors effect local search results – I’ll help you identify these factors and ensure they are properly implemented to increase your websites visibility in local search results.

Some basic factors include:

If you haven’t yet, here’s something you can do right now to help your local visibility – claim your business on Google > 


International Search

Are you expanding into international markets? Do you currently do business outside of the US?

I’ve helped clients of all sizes expand and achieve international search visibility world-wide. From technical recommendations (HREF lang & geo targeting) to international keyword research, I’ll help you reach new customers in international markets.

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Web Analytics & Measurement

Using tools like Google Analytics and authority labs we can measure traffic to your website, on-site user behavior and keyword rankings in search results. Checkout my web analytics service page for more specific information.


Tools I use everyday

Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Adwords

Bright Edge

Authority Labs

Moz Analytics

The MOZ Bar